Larch Documentation

This documentation is for the Python interface for Larch. If this is your first go with Larch, or the first go on a new computer, you might want to start with Installation.

This project is very much under development. There are plenty of undocumented functions and features; use them at your own risk. Undocumented features may be non-functional, not rigorously tested, deprecated or removed without notice in a future version. If a function or method is documented here, it is intended to be stable in future updates.

You can download and install larch from PyPI by running pip install larch. Or you can get the source code from GitHub.

You may also find these links useful:

For learning Python itself:

  • If you are new to Python but have some experience with some other programming language, I recommend Dive Into Python.
  • If you are new to programming in general, there are better (slower) guides at Learning Python